SNP Chavanaprasha (Asthavarga Yukta)

S.N. Pandit Ayurvedic
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S.N Pandit's Chyavanaprasha- Astavargayukta is one of the most acclaimed herbal preparation prepared using the most potent drugs to get the fullest of the benefits as told in the ayurvedic text. Ashtavarga, amalaki and kesara are natrual rejuvenating herbs and their judicious use helps the body to build the resistance against the diseases.
Chyavanaprasha is found to be extremely beneficial in the upper respiratory tract infections, chronic cold and other chronic diseases. It is highly recommended for the students to improve their intellectual capacity and for adults to restore their youth and vitality. 

Directions of Use - Dosage Instructions

5-10 gms with milk twice daily.

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Other Information
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer S.N Pandit & Sons
Product Dimensions 8 X 6 X 3 cm
Product weight 1300 grams
Form Lehya (Rasayana)
Packaging Bottle