IMPCOPS Amukkura Churnam Tablets

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IMPCOPS Amukkura Churnam is Sidda herbal formulation used to treat kapha disorders, anemia and spleen enlargement. It is also used to improve immunity, strengthen nervous system and fight weakness.

Its main ingredients Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera) and Shunthi(Zingiber officinale). Ashwagandha is known for its aphrodisiac and nervine properties and is also helps to fight general debility and improve immunity. Shuthi increases pitta and decreases kapha and thereby fighting kapha (cardio-respiratory) related disorders.

Recently, Amukkura Churnam is also known to have anti-viral properties and is used in the management of management of covid-19

Indication: Gunmam, Vettai, Vikkal, Pandu and Dhatu Ksheenam.

Directions of Use - Dosage Instructions

  • 1-2 tab, two time a day with water.

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Other Information

Country of Origin India
Manufacturer IMPCOPS
Form Tablets
Packaging Bottle