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Product Information

  • Effective Ayurvedic formation for Deaddiction of nicotine products like Cigarette, Bidi, Mawa, Gutkha, Tobacco Chewing etc.
  • Dhumari Churna is an mixture of precious ayurvedic herbs that helps treating addiction by reducing the desire of nicotine . It also has herbs that help in managing the withdrawal symptoms after stopping nicotine intake.
  • Nicotinic cholinergic receptors present on nicotine are responsible to release neurotransmitters that produce rewarding psychoactive effects . Dhumari churna has the potential to block the receptors on nicotine and thereby reducing its primary reinforcing effects and inducing physical independence.

Key ingredients

Major Contents of Dhumari Churna are

Vidarikhand : Vidharikand is one if the precious ayurvedic herb (also called Indian Kudzu,) used to treat addiction. It is also a rejuvenator and immunity booster which promotes overall health.

Jyotishmati  :Jyotishmati is a beneficial herb used for neurological diseases and pain disorders. The leaves are used for deaddiction. It also helps to improve memory and cognitive functions.


  • Helps to remove addiction to Nicotine products.
  • Rejuvenates and boosts immunity.
  • Improves cognitive function.
  • Reduces the carving and desire for nicotine
  • Triphala acts as cleaning agent also highly nutritive


Used to treat habitual addiction of any type of nicotine products.

Directions of Use - Dosage Instructions

Daily 1 Pouch after mixing it up with any type of food

Side effects

This medicine doesn’t have negative side effects.

Additional details

Other Information
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Rajasthan Aushadhalaya Private Limited
Product weight 45 grams
Form Powder
Packaging Contains 15 shackets of 3 gms each