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Farooky Tooth Powder

Zinda Tilismath
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Kharkhana Zinda Tilismath's Farooky tooth powder is an effective unini tooth powder that helps to remove bad breath, prevents tooth decay, strengthens gums and fight bacteria to provide fresh breath and sparkling teeth.

Farooky is a medicated tooth powder is a flagship product of the company with proven results since decades. Its main herbal ingredients include AJWAIN (14.67%), CHIRONGI CHILKA (21%),TUMAR BEEJ (13.06%),SANGZEERA (21%),ALUM (4.57%),SALT (22.58%),CLOVE (0.32%),BLACK PEPPER (3.14%),CARDAMOM (0.32%),RED OCHRE (2.17%),CINNAMON (0.32%),EUCALYPTUS OIL (6.04%). 

Directions of Use

1/2 to 1 teaspoonfull of Farooky tooth powder should be rubbed to teeth and gum twice a day in the morning and at bed time.

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Other Information
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Kharkhana Zinda Tilismath
Form Powder
Packaging Bottle
Price Rs 79